Supply Chain Efficiency Scheme – final scheme evaluation

CM International was commissioned by the Welsh European Funding Office to undertake an evaluation of the Supply Chain Efficiency Scheme.

Building on the individual project evaluations, the results of the scheme level evaluation were required to help shape the delivery arrangements for similar schemes in the new RDP 2014-2020. Taking its cue from the measure fiche, the evaluation focused on assessing the scheme’s success in stimulating and working with a portfolio of highly diverse agri-food and forestry projects in strengthening primary producer cooperation and nurturing innovation capacity in the sector.
This was achieved by adopting a contextually sensitive approach identifying the benchmark for success on a project-by-project basis. The resulting typology of project rationales and an analysis of the respective delivery models led to an overall assessment of the effectiveness of the scheme as a whole.
A detailed review of the management and governance arrangements at the scheme level in terms of project selection, scheme management and the use of independent evaluations for each project together with an analysis of the sustainability of the results secured and the legacy created formed a sound basis for a set of recommendations for the support of primary producer cooperation in the forthcoming RDP 2014-2020.
Client: Welsh Government & WEFO, Research, Monitoring and Evaluation team