CMI Group

The CMI group is headquartered in Paris, where we employ over 30 consultants covering a range of services and clients. More information on the CMI group activities can be found at the CMI Stratégies website.

CM International is a European leader in strategy consulting that, for over 20 years, has helped leading organisations plan and implement significant transformations and achieve major and tangible benefits.

We help our clients drive innovation and make lasting improvements to the performance of their organisations. Our regular interactions with leading private and public organisations bring us an acute awareness of the need for efficient delivery against a backdrop of often complex strategic objectives.

All of our consultants are capable of working in English as well as their own mother tongue as well as other leading European languages. This enables CM International to offer its clients a strongly international and multi-cultured consultancy service.
Organisationally, the Group is structured around three main wholly owned subsidiary companies: CMI France (Paris); i-Solutio (Lille) and CMI UK (Cardiff). These companies are managed and staffed independently and enjoy significant autonomy to develop their business activities within the overall ethos and supporting activities of the CMI Group.