Trends and developments in the conduct, commercialisation and the costs of research for universities; public research institutions and research performing companies (COST) – DG Research, European Commission

CMI complete a study into evolution of research costs in Europe for DG Research.

This study commissioned by DG Research to the international ETEPS consortium with CMI participation conducted primary and secondary research into the evolution of the costs of research in Europe. The research results were used to identify the key drivers behind changes in the cost of different R&D inputs and their effect on operational and strategic R&D decisions made by Public Research Organisations and Multinational Companies. CMI undertook case studies of Public Research Organisations and Multinational Companies included in the European Innovation Scoreboard and used an analysis of these case studies to identify correlations between drivers and undertake a scenario exercise. A discussion of the policy implications from the different scenarios was used to formulate policy recommendations for the European Commission. Client: European Commission