Strategic review of National Energy Action Cymru

CMI was commissioned by the Welsh Government to undertake a review of NEA Cymru in order to inform its future funding arrangements for fuel poverty policy intelligence and advice

CMI’s work included a detailed review of NEA Cymru activities and their contribution to the Wales Fuel Poverty Strategy. The review included analysis of economy, efficiency and effectiveness of NEA Cymru’s activities, and an assessment of whether the service was meeting the Welsh Government’s needs for future policy support for Fuel Poverty in Wales. This work included detailed documentary analysis of the Welsh Government’s contractual arrangements with NEA Cymru, as well as monitoring reports. Interviews were also conducted with the Welsh Government, and wider stakeholders in order to assess the wider benefits of NEA Cymru on policy and stakeholder engagement. The final report set out CMI’s assessment of value for money and impact, and made recommendations for the future arrangements for fuel poverty policy advice and intelligence. Client: Welsh Government, Sustainable Futures