Review of the opportunities for creation of a public service delivery consortium

CM International complete study into infrastructure for market opportunities in public service delivery

Commissioned by the Wales Co-operative Centre on behalf of a partnership with the WCVA and Community Housing Cymru CM International completed a study into market opportunities for a new Welsh public service delivery consortium vehicle.
In a first stage, CM International undertook extensive market research to provide an assessment of the market opportunity to deliver consortium services. We developed a quantitative and qualitative understanding of the opportunities for social enterprises to develop joint bids in a range of different areas (e.g. ) on the one hand and the demand for support in bidding for such opportunities from social enterprises themselves – and therefore the three commissioning organisations to play a role – on the other.
This helped scope out the potential role for a social business consortium to bid, win and deliver public service contracts on behalf of social enterprises in Wales. On that basis a series of options were developed for how the three partners might jointly make further support available to help social enterprises win public sector contracts in the range of different market segments identified.
Five options were presented for a detailed discussion with the consortium partners with two of them being developed further with a view to their implications in terms of legal structure, management and governance and relevant financing and funding considerations. Finally, CMI formulated a series of recommendations for the way forward for the three partners.
Client: Wales Co-operative Centre