Review of Global Drivers and Trends from a National Perspective in a Global Context

CMI built a strong understanding and analysis of Ireland’s policy and institutional landscape for Forfas.

The project involved a review of selected global drivers and trends and relating these to the specific situation in Ireland. This process fed into the work of a high level steering group that is charged with considering research priorities going forward. Development of a catalogue of global drivers and trends, their potential impact and the opportunities (including market opportunities) for Ireland. The research identified the subsequent research areas that will be required to address the challenges and meet the opportunities. CMI’s analysis took into account the national challenges for Ireland in the global environment and global challenges that will also provide national opportunities. This included horizon-scanning and extensive consultation with national stakeholders. CMI’s final report for each of the drivers/trends identified the research implications arising and, where appropriate, the areas of research strength and weakness in Ireland which and any potential niche areas or areas of natural advantage.