Regional Foresight Strategy for Border, Midland and West (Ireland)

CMI undertook a regional foresight exercise for Border, Midland and West Regional Assembly.

With negotiations for the 2007-2013 programming period about to get underway, the Border, Midland and West Regional Assembly appointed CM International to help stakeholders undertake a Regional Foresight exercise. The aim was to develop a vision of where the region would like to be in twenty years’ time, and to identify what would need to happen in order to attain this. CM International provided technical consultancy support throughout the 18-month project, and assisted in drafting and finalising the final strategy, which was launched by a government Minister in 2005. Our role included advising on the foresight methodology, facilitating the meetings of 4 thematic panels, national and regional consultations, and development of strategic themes and priorities for action.BMW Regional Assembly