Optimising Policy Intervention to Strengthen the Impacts of Enterprise RD&I in Ireland

Conducting strategic analysis of Irish Government support for public investment impact

CMI undertook an analysis of how policy around enterprise RD&I can best support and more effectively optimise the impacts of public investment, given the enterprise structure in Ireland and knowledge and experiences of other national/regional innovation systems and policy mixes.
CMI conducted a series of workshops with key stakeholders to validate the research findings and to finalise recommendations on specific measures that Ireland can take to strengthen the performance and impacts of RD&I investment in the Republic of Ireland.
Key sources analysed included pre-existing analysis and data and informed by the work of the OECD in their reviews of Ireland’s innovation policies and performance, and the EU Innovation Union Scoreboard. Other documentary and data inputs from a range of public agencies were analysed including ABSEI data sets.
The final written report on the policy mix recommended specific policy measures that the Republic of Ireland can take to strengthen the performance and impacts of policy in Ireland. The recommendations were informed by appropriate international comparisons and by an in-depth knowledge of international good practice.
Client: Irish Government’s department of Jobs Enterprise and innovation