Innovation & Technology

“While creativity is about coming up with ideas – big and small; innovation is about putting ideas into action –  converting ideas into successful businesses.”

Innovation and technology are often the hot topic on an organisation’s agenda. The problem is that, whilst many organisations would like to build it into their structures and processes, few really know how. CM International work with organisations to structure their approach to managing innovation and technology.

Our experience and expertise in the management of innovation and technology is built on the belief that innovation drives an organisation’s success and that technology is a key enabler. Supporting organisations to maximise their capacity to manage innovation and technology is a key pillar of the services offered by CM International.

Increasingly, the innovation and technology management challenges are largely similar whether you’re a small company, a public organisation or a large multi-national. At CM International, we work with all our clients to embed innovation and technology in their strategy, to help organise themselves for innovation and to create the culture needed to drive innovation in their organisations.

You can read more about CMI’s Innovation track record by clicking here [PDF]

Our clients in the area of innovation & technology include:

  • Department of Jobs Enterprise and Innovation, Ireland
  • Welsh Government
  • Cardiff University
  • Invest Northern Ireland
  • Greater Lincolnshire LEP
  • Cornwall County Council
  • Newham College of Further Education