Ground Force Green Hub feasibility study

Looking into the feasibility of a Ground Force Green Hub, CMI conducts study for Communities First Partnerships

The study into the feasibility of a Ground Force Green Hub (GFGH) was commissioned by a group of community enterprises and Communities First Partnerships with the Community Investment and Involvement department of Bron Afon Community Housing acting as coordinator and facilitator for the work.
CMI undertook a review of the context for the Ground Force Green Hub in terms of the origins of the idea, the lessons learnt from pilot activity and the strategic environment before embarking on a process of assessing the market potential and developing structural options for a social enterprise to take the gardening and ground maintenance services forward. Clarifying the nature and extent of political and practical support that Bron Afon Community Housing and Torfaen County Borough Council would be able to extend to a new social enterprise was a key part of CMI’s research.
The work concluded that a close relationship with Bron Afon Community Housing would be the most favourable structural option. Financial modelling and sensitivity analyses were delivered to scope out the specific business model in more detail. Client: Bron Afon Community Housing