Feasibility study for the development of Community Reuse Material Hubs

CMI conducts feasibility study into community reuse and recycling network in Wales.

This study was commissioned by Cylch, the community reuse & recycling network body in Wales, to explore the feasibility of creating regional Community Reuse Material Hubs in Wales. Specifically, the objectives were to identify and scope end markets for reused, repaired and redistributed products, estimate the additional capacity needs, explore regional/national structure options and consider how this approach might translate into additional volunteer, training and employment opportunities for community enterprises. Contributing to Cylch’s strategic work around community reuse in Wales, CMI refined and developed the hub concept by exploring its scope in terms of activities, materials and benefits to be achieved, considered the strategic, organisational and operational implications of different approaches and developed a set of options for development. This resulted in a high-level review of the market structure and trends for a number of priority material streams (furniture, WEEE, textiles and building materials) a discussion of the various structural dimensions and choices for the development of a shared hub infrastructure and an outline of specific opportunities and delivery options for Community Reuse Material Hubs provided the tools for Cylch and its network of members to take the development of the hub infrastructure forward. Client: Cylch – Wales Community Recycling Network