Evaluation of the South West Wales Materials Efficiency project

CMI appointed by Pembrokeshire County Council and its project partner Carmarthenshire Council, to conduct a full evaluation of the South West Materials Efficiency project.

An ERDF-funded project supporting waste reduction, reuse and recycling in Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire, the project includes a programme of infrastructure development and delivery of services including training and awareness raising. These activities are intended to encourage greater levels of reduction, reuse and recycling over and above the Council’s Statutory Recycling Targets.

CMI’s evaluation research has produced a baseline report and mid-term evaluation reports. These reports have been based on a review of project documents and monitoring data, consultations with management and delivery staff, the development of case studies (of the secondary processing service, and the recycling advisors), and analysis of impacts. This included assessment of economic (net additional jobs and GVA), environmental (greenhouse gases) and social impacts (health and wellbeing). The evaluation reports have been delivered according to the specification, and are fully consistent with adopted UK, Welsh and European evaluation guidance frameworks

Client: Pembrokeshire County Council