Evaluation of Communities as the Hub of Rural Life project

CMI undertook an evaluation of the Rural Development Plan Axis 4 funded Communities as the Hub or Rural Life project delivered by PLANED in Pembrokeshire and the wider Local Action Group activities.

The main aim of the project was the development of key communities as Hubs to underpin the Pembrokeshire Advance strategic priorities for Axes 3 & 4. A Theory of Change map was used to consider the underlying rationale for the project, reflect on the assumptions behind each of the outcomes and identify a set of key performance indicators and to structure the analysis of research results obtained through stakeholder interviews and a beneficiary survey. This allowed an in-depth review of the extent to which the project ambitions around improving governance, enhancing quality of life through village renewal and developing innovative approaches to community engagement had been achieved. In particular the role of the conceptual perspectives of working with communities in ‘hub areas’ and stimulating a re-imagining of the rural economy as an eco-economy were considered in some detail to generate learning for PLANED and the wider RDP partnership in Pembrokeshire and Wales more widely.