Enterprise Institute Scoping Study

CMI explored the need for investment into the enterprise skills and business support available in South West England.

The South West Development Agency, on behalf of the Convergence Partnership, appointed CM International to explore the need, demand and rationale for additional investment in enterprise skills and business support through an Enterprise Institute. This should enable the Convergence Partnership to decide whether to commission additional business support and enterprise skills provision for business and the workforce, through investment in an Enterprise Institute or by an alternative means.
A review of the demand and supply side of existing and planned enterprise and business support in Cornwall drew on an outcomes-based approach. An outcomes map was used to develop a high-level understanding of how the existing interventions for enterprise and business support relate to the various strategic outcomes and priorities defined for Cornwall. The aim was to establish the generic need for further investment in order to then identify potential delivery options including an Enterprise Institute. Four identified delivery options were refined and tested with stakeholders. Based on the decision that the Enterprise Institute was indeed in principle a suitable delivery option, CMI worked with the Enterprise Institute partners to further refine this option. Client: South West Regional Development Agency SWRDA