Dewis Menter, Carmarthenshire County Council – evaluation (2014)

CM International evaluates rural entrepreneurship support programme Dewis Menter

Commissioned by Carmarthenshire County Council CMI undertook an evaluation of Dewis Menter, an RDP-funded enterprise and business support programme. Delivered as part of the ‘Rural Entrepreneurship’ package of projects submitted by Carmarthenshire County Council under the RDP Measure 312, Dewis Menter provided one-to-one and one-to-many support catering specifically for small rural businesses and start-ups.
The evaluation was required to provide a rounded perspective of the programme using both quantitative and qualitative measures and considering outcomes and the processes adopted for project delivery.
For Dewis Menter as an RDP Axis 3-funded project the evaluation also needed to be grounded in the overarching rationale of the Rural Development Plan for Wales with its hierarchy of objectives and specific targets agreed for the project. At the same time, it needed to offer a level of reflection and learning for the Business Services Unit and the wider economic development team at Carmarthenshire County Council.
This was achieved through the development of a logic model as overarching framework for all research and analysis tasks. A beneficiary survey, a workshop with the Dewis Menter team and a beneficiary focus group generated rich evidence and allowed the formulation of a series of tangible recommendations.
Client: Carmarthenshire County Council.