Cornwall Innovation Centres – assessment and strategic options

Delivering a three stage evaluation of Cornwall’s innovation centres

CMI recently completed a three stage assignment to consider the impact, management and future options for the 3 Cornwall Innovation Centres commissioned by Cornwall County Council and supported by ERDF.
While the Stage 1 impact evaluation was delivered in October 2014, this was followed by Stage 2 of the assignment that considered the management, operating processes and lessons and good practice context for each of the Centres. These were benchmarked against national and global best practices in incubation and innovation centre management and seen against the emerging trends in incubation and innovation infrastructure provision identified by a process of desk review and expert interviews.
In particular, the interactions of the Centres with other innovation and R&D investments have been considered as part of the Strategic Added value provided for Cornwall by the investment in the Innovation Centres.
The Stage 3 evaluation report focused on an appraisal of the future innovation infrastructure investment opportunities to build on the investment made in the 3 Innovation Centres.
Client: Cornwall County Council