Carmarthenshire RDP Axis 3 BP2 – final evaluation (2015)

Evaluating a rural regeneration partnership in rural Carmarthenshire

CMI was commissioned by Carmarthenshire County Council on behalf of Grŵp Cefn Gwlad, the partnership with responsibility for rural regeneration, to undertake an evaluation of the effectiveness of the Rural Development Plan in rural Carmarthenshire. The evaluation focused on RDP investment under Business Plan 2, Axis 3 of the programme.
The evaluation assessed how the RDP has contributed towards meeting the overall aims and objectives of the Carmarthenshire Local Development strategy 2007-2013, assessed the effectiveness of delivery and governance arrangements and identified the added value secured before developing recommendations how improvements might be made.
The evaluation research covered all ten Axis 3 projects under BP2 which straddled the areas of enterprise, tourism, sustainability and community development. This was achieved by designing a generic survey for all project beneficiaries and combining this with a series of focus groups. The latter created the space to discuss the difference the support available through the RDP had made for individuals and/or their organisations, participants’ perspectives of how this added up to making a difference for rural Carmarthenshire as a whole and which aspects would most benefit from support through the RDP going forward.
A meta review of the individual project evaluations and stakeholder interviews provided additional inputs to support an overall assessment of RDP Axis 3 performance in Carmarthenshire.
The evaluation results formed a basis for the review of the new Local Development Strategy for the 2014 to 2020 period and a consideration of options for the collection of baseline data for the next round of projects.
Client: Carmarthenshire County Council