Building Enterprise Community Housing Cymru (2014/15)

CM International undertakes evaluation of Community Housing Cymru business development support

CHC commissioned CM International to undertake the final evaluation of its ERDF Priority 5 Theme 2 funded Building Enterprise (BE) project. The BE project offered business development support to Registered Social Landlords and social enterprises. The first phase of the evaluation helped fine-tune interventions during the final months of the BE project before considering the overall project achievements when the project drew to a close in April 2015.
We used a developmental evaluation approach in order to build on the explicit assumption that as a highly innovative project, Building Enterprise needed to continually adapt and fine-tune its programme model; this needed to be embraced as part of the intervention logic.
The evaluation fine-tuned the understanding of the project’s interventions and considered the project’s achievements in quantitative and qualitative terms. The methodology combined stakeholder interviews, including with similar projects delivered by partner organisations, and interactive opportunities for reflection with the BE Steering Group. A survey of beneficiaries and potential beneficiaries allowed a consideration of specific results delivered for the organisations using BE support and an understanding of why organisations chose to work with BE, or not.
Client: Community Housing Cymru