Advanced Manufacturing Centre, Ireland – setting out the business case (2015)

CM International helps IDA Ireland and Enterprise Ireland develop a strategic business case for a manufacturing centre

CM International, led by Dr Dylan Henderson, was commissioned by IDA Ireland and Enterprise Ireland to develop, and draft, a business case for an Advanced Manufacturing Centre in Ireland.
CMI designed and delivered a research and consultation process, based on consultations with industry, and an examination of manufacturing foresight trends data. This was used to inform IDA of the characteristics, model and feasibility for an investment in a centre that underpinned the business case. As a by-product of the research and consultation conducted by CMI, industry endorsement was received for the Centre.
The Advanced Manufacturing Centre will enable Ireland to become a global strategic location of choice, optimally positioned to win future investments in high value advanced manufacturing, and establishing Ireland’s capability to ‘future-proof’ and sustain the existing base and to innovate and become more competitive.
Client: IDA Ireland