Adding Value to Community Tourism – evaluation (2014)

CM International leads evaluation of community tourism project

CMI was commissioned to undertake the final evaluation of this RDP Adding Value to Community Tourism transnational co-operation project (ACT) led by PLANED. ACT was an Axis 4 Rural Development Plan for Wales (2007 – 2013) project and involved partners at three levels, i) Pembrokeshire, ii) Wales and iii) Europe.
The evaluation was undertaken in two key stages, firstly stakeholder research to contribute towards the Best Practice Guide to be produced as a final output of the ACT project and to feed into the development of the new Local Development Strategy for Pembrokeshire and secondly a final summative evaluation stage that developed an analysis of the project outputs achieved by the end of the project period.
The evaluation identified the key outcomes for the project and discussing these in relation to each of the three levels offered an assessment of the results achieved and the suitability of the project approach and architecture. In the particular the extent to which the project had helped strengthen the Wales Community Tourism Forum and had succeeded in linking community tourism endeavours into policy development were key areas of investigation.
Client: PLANED