Here are some of the testimonials which clients have given after CMI completed projects for them

City Regions Task Force support – April 2012

“I like these questions very much as they have both clarity and simplicity without sacrificing rigour.”

— Dr Elizabeth Haywood, Chair Welsh Government City Regions Task Force on questions devised for a series of consultative stakeholder Focus Groups

Digital Wales Market Review – September 2012

“Thank you once more for all your help in developing such a robust and thorough report in a short time-frame.”

 Laura Fox, Senior Communications Manager – ICT Infrastructure, Department for Business, Enterprise & Technology, Welsh Government

Social Enterprise in the Service of the Public research – June 2013

‘It has been extremely useful to open the doors of large public sectors organisations, mostly local authorities and health boards, to have a conversation about social enterprise models for service delivery. People who have no or little knowledge about social enterprise have learnt quickly and we have been able to engage with them on the subject. The case studies have provided good ground work on the dis/similarities of social enterprise and the different environments in which they work.’

Donna Coyle, Research Manager, Wales Co-operative Centre

‘In November 2011, the Wales Co-operative Centre published a report called ‘Social Enterprise in the Service of the Public’. The report explores both the benefits of, and barriers to, working with social enterprises in complementing the delivery of public services. It includes nine inspiring case studies of social enterprises from across Wales that work in a variety of public service sectors.  

It offers a number of recommendations for action by the three key stakeholders namely social enterprises, public sector commissioners, as well as the Wales Co-operative Centre/ sector support agencies. The recommendations are bold and specific.

— Evidence given by Wales Cooperative Centre to the Enterprise and Business Committee of the National Assembly for Wales

Feasibility study for Community Reuse Material Hubs – March 2013

‘The reuse hubs study has been firmly incorporated as evidence for the WG in considering investment into reuse infrastructure in Wales. We expect the study to be a major contributing factor in the development of a formal reuse/repair network.’

— Richard Thomas, CEO Cylch

Review of the work and opportunities for Horizon 2020 in Wales 

“Seven recommendations are made in the report that provide clear and detailed options for the Horizon 2020 Unit and its work with partners in Wales, the UK and EU in making practical interventions that can help to maximise uptake of the opportunities provided through Horizon 2020 by potential applicants in Wales.”

WEFO Managers