Challenges and opportunities for Horizon 2020 in Wales

Helping Welsh Government make strategic decisions on support for Welsh organisations through Horizon 2020

This Study was designed to inform the Welsh Government on how best to support Welsh organisations (SMEs, large companies and academic researchers) to maximise uptake of the opportunities provided through Horizon 2020. A key objective for the research was to review existing supports, identify the specific support needs of Welsh organisations and provide recommendations on the structure and role of the Horizon 2020 Unit and its work with partners in Wales, the UK and EU.
CMI used a mixed programme of research including data analysis, interviews with around 45 individuals (from the Public Sector, HEIs, Businesses and European comparator regions), documentary review and options analysis.
In addition, a series of workshops took place to test suggested options with potential service users (SMEs, large companies and HEIs) and the Welsh Government Horizon 2020 Unit.
Six options were developed ranging from moderately enhancing the work already done by the Unit, to an ambitious strategic approach requiring co-ordinated engagement from all key sectors. Recommendations were made providing clear and detailed actions for developing the work of the Horizon 2020 Unit and its relationships with partners in Wales, the UK and EU
Client: Wales European Funding Office